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At Lila Quests we enhance a standard event concept to make it magical & immersive.

We begin with your idea (a dinner party, marriage proposal, birthday celebration) and identify the purpose of your event (team building, surprising a loved one, celebrating a milestone).

Then we make it immersive.

Step One​

Fill out Contact Form

  • WHO would you like to engage (colleagues, friends etc.)

  • HOW would you like to engage them (dinner, dance, scavenger hunt, etc.)

  • PURPOSE of the event


Step Two

Join Discovery Session

  • DISCUSS your needs in detail with our team

  • DESIGN your aesthetic with whimsical themes and unique features

  • CUSTOMIZE UX journey that facilitates spontaneous social connection and fun (often including a story-based puzzle hunt).

Step Three

Event Production

  • TESTING & TROUBLESHOOTING the ideas from the Discovery Session. Our team will research, design, and test all the elements of the custom UX journey.


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Thank you for your interest in Lila Quests.

For commission requests & inquiries please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

Thanks! Message sent.

1000 North 4th Street
Fairfield, Iowa 52557

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