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A romantic quest across a coastal California city to find love - custom puzzles, memorable locations and surprise magic lead the way.​

The Challenge:

Lila Quests was approached by a gentleman who was ready to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He wanted an immersive and sentimental puzzle journey which would lead his love to him through intimate clues while highlighting locations from their personal love story.

It needed to be a surprise, and it needed to happen onsite in California.

Our Solution:

Through the Discovery Session our team learned their love story - the locations where key moments took place, their inside jokes and promises, and the themes which connected them. Using this as a foundation, we wove a tale: featuring Princess Shatori who would be called on a 'Quest of Memories'. She would be charged with finding romantic memories hidden across her coastal town.


With each memory found (a printed picture showing a meaningful moment of their life together), it would be added to her Quest Scrapbook. The photograph would come magically to life (when viewed through a special app) and show a full scene from their love story. Quest pouches hidden along her journey would contain clues to find the locations of each romantic memory, as well as four memory 'fragments' (puzzle piece segments of a photograph) which, when assembled at the end of the journey, would also come magically to life - revealing her final Quest location (where her love waited to propose).​

Isaac and Shatori Hands.jpg

We created a Quest Toolkit for the boyfriend to set up in California - with each clue pouch labeled for a specific location and a detailed Run of Show & timeline for him to follow. Together we (secretly) on-boarded the girlfriend's best friend to act as our agent ("good faerie") on the ground - to facilitate the surprise Call to Adventure and entire journey (equipping her with a Run of Show, timeline, & answer sheet to every puzzle) as well as recruit further secret helpers. From Lila HQ we orchestrated the entire Quest to its exciting conclusion.


And then - she said "Yes."


In Numbers:

  • 1 technology partner (Prynt)

  • 1 contributor partner (Sonic Drive-In)

  • 4 secret locations

  • 4 customized clue pouches

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