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A flurry of fast-paced team building and strategic play with national pride on the line.​

The Challenge:

To fulfill the design of a robust 'Carnival' experience - with multiple (and varied) engagement touch points– while allowing for a natural flow of foot traffic with crowd ebb and flow over a six hour period– Lila Quests needed to find vendors, technology providers, and a venue that would work together as a single unit. We also needed to identify a laser tag technology that would allow for multiple gameplay options and a near effortless learning curve for new players.

Additional requirements: to provide an immersive experience we would have to design and deliver a meaningful level of World-Building to the space.​

Our Solution:

We successfully identified the laser tag technology which fit all our criteria for the Carnival (respawn capabilities, advanced play, wireless), and found a facility for our team to play-test.

​We then found a mobile Laser Tag company who used this technology, an obstacle course company to work in tandem with them, and a venue to match the play areas required. We then added LED mini-golf, human foosball, and a partnership with Morehead Media to provide live character drawings for visitors. Once all the vendors were secured, we partnered with our friends at Lucid Journey's Productions to design custom lighting and sound for the laser tag field & venue - complete with a high output fog machine, a moving laser canopy, and high-lumen downlighting for the Red and Blue teams sides (with red & blue lights, respectively).

Mini Golf.png
Human Foosball.png

In Numbers:

  • 221 guests

  • 4 contributor partners (Lucid Journey's Production, PartyFun Rentals, Midwest Inflatables, Morehead Media)

  • 4.9/5 stars for General Fun from participant feedback

  • 4.6/5 stars for Bonding from participant feedback

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