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Over 23k served over seven years. It has been a delight to bring to life vibrant social concepts and to watch our fellow humans connect, make memories, and experience child-like joy.​

Our Discovery:

Lila has worked with clients from around the world, and we are constantly amazed by the common needs of the human spirit which transcend superficial differences. Connection, wonder, joy & magic - these are the fundamental experiences that, regardless of culture, race, orientation, or background, are deeply longed for by our clients.

Though the design of a Lila Quests event may take different forms depending on need (Afrobeats Dance & Drum Circle, Marriage Proposal Puzzle Hunt, Ethiopian New Year, Karaoke Night, Mystery Dinner Party, Dia de los Muertos, Birthday Quests, College Social Mixer) at the heart of each is a safe and stimulating space to connect and be playful.​

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Looking Ahead:

We are looking to expand our impact of positivity; our goal is to take what we've learned and rekindle the fire of playfulness in the hearts of adults the world over.

​Our preferred client is one who has big ideas, can impact many, and has a gleam of magic in their eyes. If you wish to Work With Us to bring joy and magic to your community, company or fan base - we would love to connect and enjoy a discovery session with you.​


In Numbers:

  • 1147 events designed and produced

  • 22k + guests

  • 72 cultural groups served

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